Book I am currently working on

It was a cold november night. The moon was hiding amongst the clouds making it dark and difficult to see.   Julia was trying to be silent as she was stalking her prey, but the quiet stillness of the forest was making it difficult.  Every step she took caused the  leaves to crackle under her feet.   She was sure that he could hear her.  This would never do.  Her only chance to catch him would be to catch him by surprise.  She hated that she was out there.  Hated that it was her job to track him down.  But it was her duty to her coven.  Stray weres were dangerous and this one was no exception.  He had already killed five locals.  So far the mortals thought the killings were from just an ordinary wolf attack.  It was her job to make sure they never found out the truth.  Her coven had been protecting the mortals of this world from the evils of her world for centuries.  She had been trained from birth for this.  Her mother was high priestess and she was destined to take her mother’s place one day.  Julias sense of duty was stronger than her desire to be free of the burden of her destiny.   She hated the danger and the violence that came with protecting the mortals.   She just wanted to live a normal life free from the bonds of responsibility.

Off in the distance a twig snapped.  Julia turned towards the sound holding her breath so she could listen.  There were no more sounds and it was too dark to see anything.  She closed her eyes and focused her energy, “I call upon the power of the moon to give me sight in the darkness” she whispered.  When she opened her eyes she could see the forest as if in daylight. She focused on the area where she heard the sound.  Off in the distance, near the edge of the forest she could see him.  A beautiful gray wolf, strong and sleek, staring back at her through golden eyes.   She could see his breath as he exhaled.  His lips were drawn back in a snarl and his fangs were peaking out.  She could see that his haunches were raised and he was ready to strike.  She had to be careful.

She was so grateful that she was not alone. Others from her coven were scattered throughout the woods also looking for this stray.  She closed her eyes, but kept her body aware of the strays presence, with her mind she reached out to her coven.  “ I found him. He’s on the edge of the woods. He sees me and he’s on guard.”  The thought was sent to all that would be near her listening.

“I’m here, I see you,and him. Don’t move.” The voice in her head was Chloe, her best friend and soon to be second in command. Chloe’s mom was Julia’s mom’s  second in command and like her she was to inherit her position.  Unlike her Chloe had a deep sense of duty and was prepared to take her place at Julia’s side when the time came.  Chloe was her opposite, yet they had been best friends before they could even walk.  Chloe’s Hair was golden and fell in long straight tendrils down to the middle of her back.  Julia’s hair was auburn with long curls that seemed to be uncontrollable. Chloe had deep ocean blue eyes that could look deep into your soul.  Julia’s eyes were emerald green and seemed to show her emotions.  Chloe was tall and slender, while Julia was petite and plump in all the right places.  Both girls had their own unique beauty.  Chloe was sophisticated and responsible and driven by honor and that was why Julia loved her so much.

Another voice in her head came through “I see him too, Rebecka and I are approaching from the rear.” It was Amia, another coven member.

“He is ready to strike,”  Julia sent out the thoughts hoping the were would not hear the others approaching. She was standing still in the forest watching closely at the wolf that was looking at her like she was his next meal.  She could feel the energy of the moon and the forest surrounding her. She focused, trying to harness that power to make her stronger. Slowly she reached out her hands to draw the forces towards her. Seeing this the wolf took a step closer, growling as his lips drew back showing more of his fangs.  Another step and another, he was getting ready to run towards her.

She continued to draw in more energy. She could feel it flowing through her like lightning. Hoping she had enough, she brought her hands in and as quickly as she could clapped her hands together sending all of that power out in a tidal wave towards the wolf.  The energy hit him, forcing him backwards, but the effect was not strong enough to harm him.  However it was enough to hopefully buy her some time until the others could reach her.  They did not want to harm the were. They wanted to capture him and bring him to the local pack.  Although it was witches that were in control of the supernatural, they liked to let each species have there own internal hierarchy and deal with their own kind as they see fit, as long as it fit in with the laws imposed by the covens.

The wolf steadied himself, shook his head and body trying to regain his sense, and then growled and sprang towards Julia in a full run.  He was now angry and hungry and he was headed right for her.

She wasn’t sure if she would have time to act but she knew she had to try so she started to pull the energy around her back in.  The wolf was too quick for her he launched at her and knocked her down. She tried to push him off, but he was too strong.  His open jaw was inches from her face.  She closed her eyes reading herself, hoping her coven would be there in time.

Then she felt the wolf being pushed off her. When she opened her eyes she could see another wolf.  Bigger, than the one that they were trying to capture. He was tan and beautiful. The two wolves were squaring off ready to fight. She could feel the energy radiating off both of them. Two strong powerful wolves ready to take each other down.

Sample to a book to be written in the future.

Rebecca sat in her favorite red overstuffed chair with her “I hate mornings” mug filled with lemon ginger tea. She was surrounded by boxes she had yet to  unpacked.  It was a dreary, cloud covered day, that showed signs of an impending thunderstorm. Which left her with only one thing to do, unpack those boxes.  She looked around the room of this old Victorian home that was now her home.  It had beautiful crown molding that was stained a dark cherry red with built in book shelves on one wall that matched the molding. The wall paper was white with pretty blue flowers and the floor was natural hard wood that complimented the moldings perfectly.  There was a bay window that was perfect for a window seat and she made a mental note to have one installed.   The fireplace was done in the same cherry wood as the molding  with a large mantel.  It was a spacious room as were all the rooms in this house that was left to her by her Great-Aunt Ida.  Ida had lived alone in the home her parents had left her and wanted to keep it in the family.  Ida had never been married and had no children to leave everything to, so Rebecca was a logical choice.   Plus she was hoping it would inspire Rebecca to start a family soon.  She told Rebecca that it had been a long time since the house had heard the voices of children and it was time for the house to be full again.  At twenty five she was not sure if it was time to start a family yet, but Rebecca did want one some day and she knew this house would be the perfect home.

Her boss had given her the week off to get settled into her new home, but it came with some strings attached to it.  Ida had been a local legend, the witch that lived in the creepy old house on the hill, all alone.  It was true that Ida was a witch, and in her younger days she had helped the town with her spells and potions.  She was loved by many and had very few enemies. Until a new church moved into town and painted her as evil and spread rumors that she sacrificed children to her pagan god.  After that Ida kept to herself and lived her life as a recluse in this big old house.  Rebecca and her mom, Kelly, did not believe the rumors and were the only ones in the family that remained close to her, visiting her almost daily.  Rebecca’s boss, Malory, Head editor in Chief for the local newspaper,” THE DAVENPORT DAILY CHRONICLE”, wanted an exclusive, in-depth article about the truth behind the Davenport witch, told by the one and only Rebecca Delany, grand-niece to the witch.

Let go and just be you


August 4, 2017

Society puts so much pressure on us to be normal.  But what is normal.  Today societies idea of normal is not the same as it was when I was 20.  Now its normal to be different, but everyone is trying to be the same kind of different.  Things change so much and we are always trying to keep up and fit in.  Why?  Why are people so afraid to just be themselves?

Its because we know we are always being judged.  Whether its people you work or go to school with, your family, your church or someone you just met.  We are always being judged for the way we look or act.  The thing we did yesterday or will do today, judged by someone.  Sometimes we even judge ourselves. But isn’t god the only one who is supposed to be our judge?

It is no wonder why so many people suffer with anxiety and depression.  The pressure that is put on us by our peers is so overwhelming.  Sometimes people never wake up.  Sometimes people just continue to struggle to please those around them.  Always trying to do what others say is right and wrong.  Some take years to wake up and just let go.  I have recently just woken up after 43 years and for the first time I finally feel free.  Free to live my life the way I feel in my heart is right.   Doing what I love to do and enjoying everyday.

My advice to everyone is to just let go and just be you.  God loves you unconditionally and you should love yourself and those around you the same way.  No judgement, no pressure, just pure love.

My move from east coast to west coast

My family moved me to Maine from New Hampshire when I was thirteen.  I had moved back to New Hampshire a couple of times but I always ended up back in Maine.  I thought that it would be my home forever, but I always felt like I was supposed to be somewhere else.  I had hoped that maybe someday I would ended in Hawaii or Alaska.  Years passed, I got married had kids, got divorced got married again, had more kids and life kept going.

One day after most of the children where grown and moved out, my husband came to me and said that he felt it was time to leave Maine.  The economy was getting bad, jobs were scarce and we both new we need to go somewhere else.  At first we discussed staying in New England, either Vermont or New Hampshire, but we both weren’t to sure about either of those states.  There was only one other place we both wanted to go and that was Alaska.

The problem was our youngest was 17 and had another year to graduate, we weren’t sure if he wanted to move.  So we asked him if there was one place he wanted to move to where would it be and he said “Alaska, I want to be an Alaska State Trooper some day.” My husband and I were both shocked and thrilled at the same time.  So the decision was made and the planning began.  We told our other children that we were going and to our surprise our second youngest son decided he was going with us.  We were so overjoyed.

We sold everything, except those items that meant the most to us and started making plans to go.  We had a few stumbling blocks but eventually it was time to leave.  We packed our few remaining objects into a small U-Haul trailer and the four of us climbed into our Jeep Wrangler and headed out on our journey across the US.

It was the middle of November, just before thanksgiving, but our spirits were high and we were ready for the adventure.  We started to encounter snow in Missouri.  The roads were starting to get bad and there were cars off the road but we kept going.  We came across a big rig laying on its side. We pulled over and my husband and sons ran to his aid, hoping that he was ok.  My husband climbed up the underside of the truck, yanked the door open and helped the trucker out.  He was banged up, but he was ok.  After making sure someone called for help and we were sure he was going to be ok, we got back in our vehicle and drove off down the highway.

We slept in the jeep, which was uncomfortable, we had thanksgiving dinner in a truck stop. We broke down in Montana, Jackknifed the trailer in Yukon, Canada, but we stayed focused on our goal, reaching Alaska. It wasn’t all bad though. We got to see bison, a wolf, wild horses and a lot of other animals.  We got to see places we had never been. It was definitely and adventure.

We finally made it across the border into Alaska on December 2, my birthday and we were so happy.  We would be in Anchorage the next day and our trip was almost over, but our new lives were just about to begin.